Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fourth Grade!

I am in fourth grade and it is great! My teacher is an active person. I love being in her class because we do lots of cheers for Science and Math to make it fun. We get candy if we get answers right. I've gotten lots of candy. We get to listen to music like I Want Candy and Lollipop, Lollipop.

Our school has a store that has tons of things like silly bands, fake mustaches, a king/queen throne, fast passes for our fall festival, and a round table where you can sit with your friends. I did "right" things around the school like picking up garbage, doing homework, staying on the right side of the hall and sometimes I'm given tickets by teachers for these things. At the end of each week you can buy something at the store with your tickets. I bought a silly band at the store for 10 tickets. I want to sit at the round table because it's on the stage at lunch and it's the only way you can sit with your friends.

My class got a chrysalis this week from someone who owns a farm. The butterfly came out of the chrysalis. We got to see the butterfly dry off and then we let it out in the garden.

Fourth grade has been great. The reason why we say "great" is because my teacher doesn't think good is good enough, so we say Great! I love Fourth Grade so far!


The O'Neal Family said...

Hi Olivia,
My name is Joely and I just "met" your mom in blog world and am emailing her as we speak but wanted to stop and check out her blogs more. My husband and I are adopting through Ethiopia right now and are very excited! You are a beautiful little girl and sounds like you have such a great family. I am excited to follow your blog, have a great evening!

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