Sunday, July 4, 2010

Millenium Park

My family went to Millenium Park yesterday and did a lot of fun things.

We listened to a concert. It was cool.

We went in the water and I went under the fountain for a long time.

We ate there.

My mom took a picture of us in front of a reflecting bean. You can also go under it. There was a man who painted the buildings.

There was a family fun place.

We built houses with blocks.

I tried to hula hoop but it was a little tricky.

You should go there too. If you do, have fun!


beBOLDjen said...

Hi Olivia! I really like your blog.

I wnet to Millenium park once. I used to live in Chicago, but when I lived there the park wasn't built. I wish it had been because it's so cool! I liked the gardens and the fountains the best.

Keep blogging!

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