Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm Doing Good Deeds and Blessings are Coming Back to Me!!....

A few weeks ago I lost a tooth and I put the money from the tooth fairy in the adoption fund my family has.  The tooth fairy found out and came back to my house last night.  She left a note, a book, and twenty dollars.  The note said...

Dear Olivia,
It's me, the Tooth Fairy.  Don't be alarmed.  You didn't lost a tooth during the night.  I stopped by for another reason.
You did something so generous that I had to come back for a second visit.  I left you money recently for a lost tooth.  However, you gave that money to your family's fund.  That was a thoughtful sacrifice young lady.  I am very proud of you.  You are setting a great example for Braeden and Liam.
When you give to others, it often comes back to you tenfold.  With that in mind, I have a gift just for you.  I hope you enjoy it!
Your thoughtfulness and generosity has also inspired me.  Would you mind giving your Mom a small donation from the Tooth Fairy?  I've wrapped up 20 one dollar bills for the fund.
May God continue to bless your family.
The Tooth Fairy

I was happy about getting more money and filling our adoption jar.  The book was the second Diary of a Wimpy Kid book.  I had number one and I went to a store with my money to find number two, but they didn't have it.  They did have number three so I got it, but still didn't have number two.  The tooth fairy must've figured out I would've liked number two and got it for me.

I thought it was cool that the tooth fairy visited me when I didn't lose a tooth that night.  


:)De said...

"Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over..."

Luke 6:38


annieglan said...

Olivia, that is awesome!! I think the tooth fairy really likes you and she is obviously so proud of you. You are very sweet. Congratulations!

Kristen:) said...

Hey! I am a first time reader! I think its amazing that you put the money in the adoption jar! Hope you like the book!

Bloggin' Robin said...

Olivia, you have blessed my night with your words! How wonderful that you are giving to your adoption jar. We are hoping to do the same in our family once we complete our first adoption which we are in process of doing now. Keep writing and inspiring others with your words!

hitchhiker said...

That is great - hope you have a special place to keep the letter so that you have it for a long time.

hitchhiker said...

You are special!

Molly said...

Hi Olivia!

My name's Molly and I'm reading your blog for the first time and thought I'd say hello :)

So far I have loved every post and I am so excited to see what God does in your life! I will be checking frequently to see if you've written :)

The Kings said...

You are both an inspiration and a blessing!

Good Girl!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Olivia! I'm glad I found your blog! What a sweet big sister you are!


Courtney Kay said...

so cool Olivia! this is my first time reading!

Ich bin nicht euer superstar said...

A while ago I saw this page, a site where you can regstrate your good action and inspire others, It fits you, all that making good multiplies when you show it to people. try it yourself

here is the site,

The origin is sweden I think

Eve said...

You're a very clever girl Olivia, and you have a heart of Gold, blessed by Jesus.

Your friendly tooth fairy sounds like an awesome lady. Do you have anymore teeth to give her?

Mama said...

I am so excited for you and your family!! You are one amazing chickie!!

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