Saturday, May 22, 2010


My name is Olivia and I have HIV. HIV is not bad it just means I have different blood. It won't hurt you. Some people might not like it and be scared of it. I wish I didn't have HIV but I do.

I also have seizures. When I first got them it was at night and I was shaking. I started shaking, then I fell out of bed. I was scared the first time. I don't have seizures now because I take medicine.

I take medicine for HIV too. I take my medicine at 7:00 am and pm. In the morning I take 5 pills and liquid and at nighttime I take 7 1/2 pills and liquid. The pills are easy and I like that. But, I don't like the taste of the liquid.

Our family might be adopting this year. I hope it's a girl from (a certain country)! I can't go there because it's too dangerous. I wanted to go to and it's makes me feel sad. I'm sad because I'm interested in saving the people from there when I grow up. I want to save lives there because they're poor and I would like to give them food and clothes. First I'm going to start a company to teach them how to grow their own food and make their own clothes and homes.

God bless you!


:)De said...

This sounds like a great mission for you. Congratulations on the possibility of a new sibling.


hitchhiker said...

Very interesting - you have great goals. I'll be reading your future blogs.

Mr and Mrs Lorentzon said...

I'm so glad you started this blog!
I look forward to reading it!

My husband and I (we live in Sweden) adopted our first daughter from South Africa, and next Monday we get to meet our second daughter from Zimbabwe! She turns one this Saturday. We don't know yet how often she takes her meds, but we'll find out then.

Your idea about starting a company sounds great. I hope you pursue that!

Mandi said...

1st time reader--awesome post Olivia!! What a blessing to read about you, and your vision for the future. My husband & I are traveling to Uganda in July to work at Sonrise Baby Home. We hope to adopt 2 children from there in the future. God bless you dear one.

exh675 said...

Dear Olivia
Thank you for starting this blog. I'm in the process of adopting a little girl from Uganda, she is 3 years old and also has HIV. I often wonder what she will be like when she grows up how she will feel about being adopted and being positive. I feel like from reading your blog I get a bit of an idea of how she might feel in a few years time, when she can understand a bit more. Thank you for sharing about your life!
From Emily

Eve said...

Hi Olivia, I think that you are awesome for doing this blog!
I am not afraid of people with HIV and I hope that all the people who you'd meet in your life will not be afraid either. Because then they would miss out on getting to know a very special person.

I do not have children but one day I would like to adopt too.

Your blog is very pretty, and I really like your picture on top, your hair always looks sooo pretty!

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